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What did you just say?!

The other day, I was doing my workout to my favourite trainer Cassie’s Blogilates Snow Bunny Blast and my seven-year old daughter was just hanging around the room with me, watching me pant louder than a truck. This happens because I’m so outta shape¬†pushing myself hard.

There’s this step called Quick Feet, when we just basically move our feet very quickly, like a football player. At least this was the image in my mind as I was doing this exercise.

Cassie from doing Quick Feet

Cassie from doing Quick Feet. (Image credit:

But not to my daughter. She said: “Mummy, this looks like you’re twerking. Some girls twerk in their bikinis”.

I almost tripped over myself as I stopped, turned to her and asked said: “Twerking? Bikinis?” Seriously, this got my heart pounding more than any cardio exercise ever could.

How would she know what twerking is? She’s 7, and doesn’t even know about the Kardashians.

But apparently, the kids in school have watched other music videos or shows that reference this term, and hence, my daughter, at the age of 7, knows what twerking is.

And this is just wrong.

I don’t like that things are over-sexualized, both for young boys and girls. Even a simple exercise move is seen as a sexy move. And kids intuitively know that some other activity goes on after twerking.

As a parent, I can’t control everything that she consumes on the media, at home or in school. Is it wrong that she knows what twerking is? I can’t say for everyone else, but I would like my kid to have more emotional maturity before being exposed to such terms.

What this episode tells me is that I’d better be more present for my children to help them navigate this increasingly complicated world.

What about you? Do you kids say things that shock you and make you wonder what goes on in those little heads of theirs?

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