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The Perfect Balance

The perfect balance

Is there even such a thing as The Perfect Balance?

If I were to try to define it, it would be that moment in time when everything in life falls exactly where you want it to.

Like when the kids know that there’s more to life than video games; and if they don’t know what to do with themselves, they can always wash the toilet. Or when your hubby surprises you with your favourite chocolate (never mind that you’re trying to lose that flab around the tummy). Or, this is a big one, when your parents behave like the adults they are supposed to be (they can’t fake their ages on their IC right???).

None of these situations are within my control though.

And to think that my sense of balance in life comes from people who have their own minds and don’t behave as I think that they should. Exactly. How can?

So that definition had to go.

Thankfully, I managed to re-write my definition of balance for myself. To me, the perfect balance would be when those slippery chia seeds do what they’re supposed to do for me in the toilet. When I can bake a cake for my girlfriend just because.

Yes, I made this buttercream cake from scratch

Yes, I made this buttercream cake from scratch

And when my hormones don’t go haywire too much during that time of the month.

In other words, the perfect balance is when I don’t take things for granted. When I grouse that the kids are always sweaty and stinky, hey, that’s because my nose is working. And when I get to kick back with a leftover crepe paper flower from Teacher’s Day. Simple things like that.


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