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Food Gems | Peas and Tourmalines

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Been playing around with my food… and gems lately.

Both play large roles in my life. Food arguably larger, because well, we all need to eat right?

But gems fuel my imagination. Maybe it’s because I love their prettiness and imperfections. But also because being in this business that is JL Heart, I’m constantly having to step out of my comfort zones. Yes, I have many. Having to pick up photography, for instance, has been a challenge. Capturing a photo of the jewellery I made, or the gem I’m using is important, and also fun.

Friends have been encouraging, even sharing tips and resources on how to improve my photography. And my husband? Sitting through EVERY SINGLE OUT OF FOCUS shot with me while I shortlist the meagre few that I even dare to share here is definitely proof of his love. Although, I did catch him sneaking glances at his phone, compulsive obsessive soccer news junkie that he is. Eh, I’ll let that pass.

Over the weekend, as I was preparing meals for my family, I thought the insides of these peas looked so much like some teardrop Tourmalines that I’ve been creating with.

So I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots in.

There was lot of fiddling with the aperture, ISO, and exposure. Believe it or not, it’s my first time shooting in manual mode.


I was trying to capture a slightly cool and moody look. And I like these. I’m not a pea lover, but I’ll take these anytime.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of those born in October. It comes in a variety of colours like pink, mint, clear turquoise, red, black, mustard. I’ve seen Tourmalines in almost any shade, except maybe purple, and orange.


But hey, even if your birthday is not in October, you can wear it. You’re a grown up girl, and you don’t need to ask for permission to wear any gemstone you like.  >< (that’s supposed to be a wink…)


I created a necklace with a minty Tourmaline and added a hammered leaf charm. I love hammered jewellery accents. They exude such an earthy and authentic look and feel. Like it was made by humans, true in this case.

Hammered Leaf Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace

Hammered Leaf Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace

Hammered Leaf Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace as worn

Hammered Leaf Tourmaline Sterling Silver Necklace as worn by moi

If you’re interested in getting this necklace as a gift for yourself or someone you love, you can find it in my online shop here:

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