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  • The perfect balance
    Life Thoughts

    The Perfect Balance

    Is there even such a thing as The Perfect Balance? If I were to try to define it, it would be that moment in time when everything in life falls exactly…

  • Life Thoughts

    What does cooking mean to you?

    “Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.” ―Craig Claiborne Growing up, my mum always made sure we had home-cooked…

  • Pomelo Guava Salad Recipe Header
    Life Recipes

    Zesty Pomelo Guava Salad Recipe

    I was really struggling after Chinese New Year this year. With my decreased metabolism (40s is the new 30s except when it comes to metabolic rates), I was struggling to lose…

  • Really Old-fashioned Butter Cake Recipe
    Life Recipes

    Really Old-fashioned Butter Cake Recipe

    There’s butter cake, and there’s really old fashioned butter cake. The kind that uses only a few ingredients to give that fragrant yummy butter cake. Because there are essentially only 5…

  • Life Thoughts

    New Blog Name: Butter and Gems

    Have you noticed? The JL Heart blog is now called Butter and Gems. What?   Yes, butter, as in the butter we use for cakes, cookies and all things yummy. And…

  • Life Thoughts

    What did you just say?!

    The other day, I was doing my workout to my favourite trainer Cassie’s Blogilates Snow Bunny Blast and my seven-year old daughter was just hanging around the room with me, watching…

  • Life Thoughts

    Six Word Stories

    It’s so satisfying to have another human being, who loves me unconditionally, also think that my corny jokes are “da bomb” (according to my son, this means I’m sorta cool). We…