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When to Get My Daughter’s Ears Pierced?

Pierced Ears

That was a question I asked myself when my daughter was three years old.

Personally, I had my ears pierced when I was fifteen. I remember my mum bringing me to Isabella at Wisma Atria (too) many years ago to get them pierced. After that, I wore the simplest gold ear studs for ears and never got tired of them. I still love myself a good simple ear stud, but tend to include gemstones in them these days.

So, back to my daughter. Being the democratic mother that I am (bath times and sleep times non-negotiable of course), I decided to ask her. Turns out the “ouch” factor was a huge turn off and when she heard that it would hurt, she said no.

Then one day, when she was five, out of the blue, she said she wanted her ears pierced. That was all the encouragement that I needed. I packed her into the car with my mum and off we went to Wisma Atria.

The shop name had been changed to B*Dazzle, and they were even more professional than before. This time, there were two assistants to do the ear piercing at the same time. So she can’t back out after one side. Get it? Brilliant right?

It really helped to make the experience less scary for my daughter. She picked a pair of titanium ear studs for the piercing, but I got her another pair of 24K gold studs at a goldsmith later on. It’s just that gold is really the noblest metal on earth and doesn’t cause any irritation, so I had to get her that. Ok, I’m old fashioned like that, but it’s just good sense too.

Simple gold ear studs work best for tiny ear lobes

Simple gold ear studs work best for tiny ear lobes

My mum was there for me when I got my ears pierced, and now my daughter’s as well.  It was so heart-warming. A beautiful bond shared across three generations.

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